Saturday with My Girls

Today Beth is taking a continuing education class. This means it has been a Daddy, Ella and Paige day. Ella and I spent much of the morning playing “chase” (i.e. tag) and hide-and-go-seek while Paige was content to read books in Ella’s room with us running in and out.

By mid-morning, I could tell we needed a change of pace, so I suggested to Ella that we make a Starbucks run. She was more than happy to go and get her usual organic vanilla milk while I had a free drink coming.

We loaded up the van, and we were off. Paige kept saying “Mommy?” thinking we were going to go see her. So I was slightly apprehensive, wondering if she’d experience a big letdown, but it never happened.

On the way back, we stopped at Target. Ella was super excited to use her umbrella. Inside, we loaded up our cart, and Ella chose to ride on the outside, shaking her head back and forth. I realized it was time for a picture. I always think our girls look great in red, and the red Target decor makes for a great accent. 😉

Back home, we ate a tasty lunch. Then it was time for a nap. Ella asked if I could put her to bed before Paige, so Paige and I sat at the head of Ella’s bed, tucked her in and sang her a song. Paige seemed to like that. Then I did the same for her, and she went down without a peep.

It has been a sweet day with two sweet girls.

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