Alphabet Trail

Today Ella worked on learning her alphabet by associating things with each letter. Here are the associations:

A is for Abby.
B is for Boz.
C is for Claire and Clifford.
D is for Daddy.
E is for Ella.
F is for fairy.
G is for Granmommy, Grandan and Grandaddy.
H is for Hermie.
I is for Icabod is itchy.
J is for Jeremy from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
K is for Keatly.
L is for Lighting McQueen.
M is for Mommy and Mater.
N is for Nana.
O is for Oliver and Owen.
P is for Paige.
Q is for queen.
R is for Rosy the Robot.
S is for Sam and Swimmy.
T is for Thomas.

More to come as Ella learns more letters… Feel free to leave suggestions for U through Z in the comments below.

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