Shopping Adventure with Paige

Yesterday morning it was my turn to stay home from church and keep Paige. Depending on how late she sleeps for her first nap, I sometimes get to join Beth for the second service. Yesterday that wasn’t the case as Paige took slept from eight-fifty until eleven.

Since we were too late for church, I had another idea. Paige and I would go shopping for some items we would need for lunch. These weren’t any old food items either. We needed jasmine rice and sweet chili sauce for the egg rolls I’d helped make on Saturday. This meant a trip to the Sunrise Supermarket.

Sunrise is Knoxville’s largest international grocery. You walk inside and you quickly forget you are in East Tennessee. It smells like a fish market, and you wouldn’t find 99% of the food at your local Walmart. Paige and I, being white, were in the definite minority.

As I wheeled Paige around, she would look up at me and smile. She was patient as Daddy searched shelves filled with bottles whose labels he couldn’t read. Eventually we found our items and headed over to the check out.

The ladies at the checkout counter didn’t notice Paige at first, but when they did, they instantly fell in love with her. While I was paying, the cashier in the line next to mine reached and picked Paige up out of the cart. Paige smiled and snuggled into her. Another lady came over to hold her too. Paige didn’t make a sound. She seemed to be having fun, so I asked to snap a photo, the one that you see with this post.

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