Sunday Evening Fun

We started our Sunday evening off with “dinner” at Froyos (i.e. frozen yogurt for dinner). Tonight I learned that there are two different sized bowls, and I’ve always gotten the larger bowl without realizing it. After Beth pointed this out to me, I exonerated myself, in my own mind, by letting Ella have several bites.

After dinner, we went to Target where we made a point of getting several nagging items that we’ve been forgetting during the past several trips. Now that Paige is sitting up, tonight was our first time to test out a new cart seating arrangement with Paige in the seat and Ella up front. Beth was glad to have me along for this trial run in case of any unforeseen contingencies.

As we walked around the store, I made sure to snap several photos. The one included with this post is typical. Paige was happy as a lark. She has recently learned how to blow bubbles with her tongue. Meanwhile, Ella enjoyed helping us shop by arranging our items in the cart. In the shot above, she’s playing the drums with some lint rollers she is banging on some cleaning wipes.

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