Family Action Figures: Claire and Sam

Today’s picture features the official action figures for Claire Brown and her dog Sam. You may be thinking to yourself, “Oh, but those figurines don’t really look much like Claire and Sam.” If so, then you need to visit with Ella and learn how to use your imagination.

We have a whole assortment of “Little People” figurines that Ella uses as stand-ins for members of our family. There is Nana and Grandaddy, Grandmommy and Grandan, Drew, “Scary Puppy” (he’s the dog that lives next door to Nana and Grandaddy), Boz, Mommy, Daddy and a couple more that I’m forgetting right now but Ella could remind us if she were here. Despite their lack of similarity with the persons they represent, Ella always remembers who is who.

So, although distance may separate us at times, remember that you are never far from our hearts. In fact, who knows what sort of adventures your virtual character will be getting into today. Perhaps you’ll be chasing after Sam who has somehow managed to drive off in the car although we’ve told him not to time and again. Or, maybe you’ll be flying off of the banister, landing with a hard thump, and quickly getting up ready to do it again.

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