6 thoughts on “Second Cup

    1. Can’t wait to share this flavor with you next time you’re in town. It’s Cacao Mint Black. Your mother gave me some for Father’s Day. I just bought four more ounces while we were at the mall today.

  1. This is just a comment on the website. Is there a way for me to easily (in one click) see which posts I’ve missed when I check in on the blog. Before I would just scroll down until I came to the last one I had viewed.

    1. Claire, good question. Let’s see…one option is to view the Blog page. It provides a “stream” of paginated posts that you can scroll down. Is that what you’re looking for?

      Otherwise, if you’re looking for some other way to quickly assess this, let me know if you have an idea. Since I’m actively developing this theme, if we can come up with a good idea for this, I might include it in a future update.

      Thanks, Sis! 😉

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