Itty Bitty Bunny

Whenever I mow our yard, I must move our plastic slide so I can get at all the grass. After I finished mowing last week, I noticed a mound of dried grass and grey fuzz. I’d mowed over it minutes before, but it appeared that something was moving inside.

I didn’t have time to investigate until the following evening when I returned with a hoe. Was I going to find a snake, a mole or something else? I carefully pulled back the covering to reveal four or five baby bunnies. So, I gently recovered the nest, moved the slide back and left them in their cozy hole for the past week.

Yesterday it was time to mow again. As I passed by the nest, a little bunny hopped out and sat on the grass while I finished. Afterwards, I snuck out with my Nikon and crept up really close. With my lens less than a foot away, I snapped the shot included with this post.

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