Happy Belated Birthday, Grandfather

Courtesy of a blog post by my mother, I was reminded that yesterday was my grandfather’s birthday. If memory serves me, I believe he was born in 1913 1910, so he would have been 98 101 yesterday.

I have such good memories of my grandfather. He was a kind man with a gentle sense of humor. One of his favorite expressions was “let the rabbit set.” He used this phrase whenever we got too worked up over something. Rather than saying “calm down,” he’d say, “Let’s let the rabbit set on that one, and see how things turn out.” It always brought a smile to our faces and helped diffuse any moderately heated situations.

If you’re interested in reading more about him, check out my mother’s post.

Pictured: My grandfather holding my Aunt Linda at a picnic in the Smoky Mountains.

2 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday, Grandfather

  1. Daddy was 5 years older than mother. He would have been 101. (I may have my arithmetic all wrong but that is what I had written in my Bible)

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