Creepy Balloon

My mother’s birthday was two weeks ago. For the occasion, she received a couple of helium-filled balloons, one of which she gave to my daughter. Since then, we’ve been amazed at how well it has stayed filled, usually floating next to the ceiling at one end of our hall. Sometimes we’ve forgotten it’s there.

However, sometime in the past twenty-four hours, the balloon’s demeanor has taken an ominous turn. Enough helium has escaped to make it almost neutrally buoyant. It hovers for brief moments in the strangest places. One minute it’s resting over our kitchen table looking like a festive party decoration. The next, it’s hovering a couple inches above the floor waiting for a moment to sneak up on you. An imperceptible breeze can send it creeping on its way. It has made me jump three or four times today already.

Before, it gets the best of me, I think I need to bring it to a premature end. But for now, I thought I’d immortalize it here on Daily Photos.

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